Saturday, February 3, 2018


I just thought I introduced spanking into our relationship. 


Dragon had been swatting my bottom for years before I added a layer to it.  Yes, domestic discipline was my brain child.  Dragon embraced the idea several years after I brought it up.  I developed a potty mouth after a very hard deployment.

He had never give me a long, hard spanking before. I had never experienced sub space but in hind sight, it was actually his idea. 

He flat out told me to expect the paddle tonight.  I don't think it is a punishment but I could be wrong.  I forgot my seatbelt last night. Don't remember how but the warning ding did go off.  He doesn't see anticipation as part of a punishment.  So I often find out I am being punished several swats into a session. 

That's okay.  I can't talk my way out of it with my red, bare bottom on display. 

Even a punishment is peppered with compliments.  And for some reason, he has to show me what my very red bottom does to him.  Could be my how my own body reacts, even if my head takes a few minutes it process everything.

Update on the diet changes.  Gluten still sneaks by us occasionally.  The fries at my favorite bar are battered.  Oops. 

Dragon found the gluten free section at our little grocery store.  I have been avoiding all bread products all week and he brings home a selection of treats.  The brownies are yummy.  So are the cookies and rice crackers.  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast in the morning.  We shall see....

Why does anything labeled gluten free have to cost $$$$?  Blag

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Food seems to be my enemy.  Every time I eat I get sick.  If I eat the whole foods I love I'm fine but nothing processed.  The only common food we could come up with was bread. 

I feel like I am following a fad but I am trying to go gluten free for a few weeks to see if it helps. 

Things I have discovered
* Gluten free bread is nasty
* Gluten free does not mean allergen free
   (The breakfasts muffins gave me hives)
* Gluten is in more foods than I realized.
* Reading every label is a pain in the backside.

Don't know if it is working or not.  I'm still finding gluten in food after I eat it. Oops

Another food we can try to eliminate is soy.  That one is even harder but we are trying soy first. 

* it is helpful to list foods I can have.
*  If I list foods I can't have, I start feeling deprived. 

Fingers crossed. We need answers.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

You Didn't!

I thought my buns were toasted.  Dragon is still on top!

I love working out.  It is hard to start back after I have been down for a while but it feels good to see even slow improvement.  It is hard to take things slow but everything hurts.  Even just walking. 

One day this week I thought it would be a good idea to make that new start.  The problem is that it was one of the busiest days of the week.  Rest in the morning so I can run kids all over town in the evening. 

All I said was that I thought about walking on the treadmill and Dragon came back with, "You did what?"

It took 5 minutes for him to take a long enough pause is his lecture to figure out I didn't actually do it. 

Exercising without permission is now on the short list of things Dragon has chosen as spanking offences.  Cussing and seatbelt use are on that very short list.  So is eating regular meals. 

Over doing it on a workout is also on his short life. 

I wonder how long the list will have to be before he stops calling it a "short list"?

A few light taps with the paddle just to make sure I was taking him seriously. "No, I'm not punishing you this time but I think you aren't taking your health seriously.  However I know you WILL take the paddle seriously." 

 I think I will definitely be asking for permission before I get on the treadmill.  I will be very careful about lifting weights and taking things slow. 

I love sexy spankings.  I don't even mind the occasional attitude adjustment swats.  But I REALLY don't want a punishment. Ouch.  I'll pass

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Staying in Place

I forget between spankings how hard it is to stay in place.  Dragon usually starts out with a few light swats. They sting but not bad.  Those are easy.  If only it could stay like that.

When the swats get harder I struggle.  It doesn't matter what kind of spanking it is.  Punishment, stress relief or pleasure.  Numbered or not.  The harder swats make me wiggle. Several hard swats in the same spot and I call yellow.  If it is bad enough I have been known to call red even for a punishment.

Yes.  I know it is supposed to hurt.  Sometimes I just need a chance to catch my breath.  Calling red stops everything immediately but doesn't end the spanking.  Especially if it is a punishment.

Dragon doesn't usually let me up.  He rubs my back and talks to me.  Tries to find out what is wrong.  He takes the opportunity to explain his actions and asks me to submit.  When he is sure I'm okay he continues.

Yes, I like to be spanked.
Yes, I need to be TiH
Yes, I love what it does to my head
Yes, I love what it does for my marriage

But it sure is hard to stay still.  To submit fully to hard swats.  .

I hope the weather warms up soon.  It is cold in the garage even with the fire going.  We don't want to spend an hour out there playing.  Winter sessions are hard and fast.  I think swats hurt more on a cold backside.

Ps.  With a spanking nearly every day this week my backside is bruised.  Lightly but the marks are there.  Today he took aim at the back of my thighs.  Ouch.  That was a new experience.  Sit spot and below. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Spanking Effect

I'm in my 40s.  I forget just where but the change has been giving me grief.  One effect is ZERO sex drive.  Nothing turns me on. 

Except one thing. 


Dragon brought me to tears with a mild spanking.  It has been so long since we have had regular visits to the garage that things are a bit sensitive.  Most of the swats had a good sting to them. 

I called RED. 

I NEVER call red but I did that night.  Just when things should have started feeling good.

It turned me on.

Nothing else has worked.  Petting, toys, pillow talk.  I was interested but not with the heat I felt in the past. 

After just two trips to the garage I can't get enough.

The spankings weren't the gentle giggly kind.  They weren't the hot sexy kind.  Nor were they punishments.  Simply down to earth, let's get this done and go warm up in the house.  The second session even found a few bruises I didn't know about.  Right cheek and right sit spot.  He tends to favor one side. 

We have been talking about things we haven't tried.  Edge play we haven't been brave enough for.  Even things we have done in the past but forgot about. 

Tomorrow morning we will be back in the garage.  A cold front is pushing in.  Even though my bottom feels sunburned, it won't leave a lasting impression.  One more session before it gets miserable cold again. 

Good night.  Dragon is making this difficult. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Dragon doesn't usually start with a number in mind.  Even the kind of warm up I get depends on my reactions.  There is no warm up for a punishment but even then he doesn't start out full force. 

He gives me a number when things start to get serious. I need to see the end in sight to take the hard swats.  The ones that bring tears to my eyes. Up to 5 at a time.  He can go softer for a few swats them give 5 more hard swats but I panic if he tries to give them all at once.  Giving me a number doesn't signal the end of the spanking. 

The short reprieve lets him judge how I'm doing.  Dragon always starts out with a goal.  Tears, lasting marks, stress relief, sub space or reconnection.  Yes, a paddle on my backside can do all of those things and much more.  My backside is a reset button that gives Dragon the power to manipulate my head. 

Strange I know

We have a wood stove out in the garage now but it couldn't keep up with this last cold front.  Not even with extra space heaters.  That's okay.  With highs in the mid 50s we can get back out there.  Silent spankings are miserable. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Yes.  Here it goes again.  Why?  This is the only place I can.

My mil lures you in with sweetness, love and affection.  She is kind, giving and generous.

Until she isn't any more. 

One little miss step and it is on. 

She uses your insecurities against you.  Her middle daughter is belemic.  Not spelled right but you get the idea.  She has a new husband and moved to a new city.  Her asthma has gotten bad again.  Instead of bling the new environment, she blames her daughter's weight gain.  For the first time ever she actually looks healthy but no.  She had to put her daughter right back into crisis mode just months after her husband got her eating habits on track. 

The witch did the same thing to me but the problem is that it backfired. 

Her daughters grovel to make up.  Her son gave her an ultimatum back in '99.  Accept my wife or have nothing to do with me or my family. 

Looks like she made her choice. 

I never made the connection but I have now.  That is what abusers do.  They do something nasty and make you feel like it is your fault.  That you deserve what you got. 

That is what she does.

Not anymore.  She took her anger out on my kids.  Never again.  She thrives on the pity she gets as a result of her own actions.  I refuse to be part of it.